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AKIVA’s Weight Management Combo is a 30-day juice regime designed to accelerate the process of weight loss. You will receive 30 juice shots (12 Lemon Honey Cinnamon, 12 Apple Cider Vinegar and 6 Triphala) and a day-wise schedule for consumption. Win your weight loss battle, just abide by a one-shot rule!

How it works:LHC helps in curbing your hunger pangs and controlling your diet.ACVaids in boosting metabolism and flushing out toxins.Triphala cleanses your stomach and keeps your digestive processes running smoothly. When combined, they work wonders for people struggling with weight issues.

What we use:

LHC: Fresh lemon juice, Honey, Cinnamon extract, Ginger juice, Apple cider vinegar

Triphala:Triphala juice (amla, baheda, harad), Fennel (saunf) extract, Cumin extract, Black salt powder, Honey

ACV:Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey

What we don’t:

No added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or parabens

How to Consume:

Ready to drink. No mixing required. Shake well and gulp! Consume one shot every morning as per the schedule provided. Combine the schedule with healthy nutrition choices, regular exercise andgood sleep.

Shelf Life:

6 months from the date of manufacture

FSSAI certified

Each pack contains 30 shots of 40 ml each

*Health benefits are subjective and the result may vary from person to person.

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