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Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar


Akiva’s Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar shots are an all-natural solution for managing weight and boosting immunity. The shots contain two star ingredients - green tea and apple cider vinegar - that are packed with antioxidants and vital macronutrients to support fat-burning. 


Our Green Tea ACV is made from green tea extract and the juice of fresh apples sourced from the foothills of the Shivalik range.

Loaded with antioxidants the combination of green tea and apple cider vinegar lowers the risk of chronic diseases and is a great remedy for weight management. Among other things, the shot boosts metabolism, reduces inflammation, flushes out body toxins, keeps the heart healthy and helps maintain good dental health. 

Need more reasons to add this shot to your daily routine?

How to consume:

Drinking one Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar shot on an empty stomach every morning will power you all day long. While best consumed by itself, you can also add the shot to your breakfast smoothie, post-workout shake or a glass of fresh juice.

Ready to drink. No mixing required. Shake well and Gulp! 
1 shot every morning (preferably before breakfast) or anytime during the day.

Consume regularly for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. 

What we use:

Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Tea Extract, Apple Juice Concentrate, Fennel Extract, Honey

What we don’t:
Refined sugar, artificial colors or flavours, parabens or sulphates.


Trial Pack: 12 shots (40 ml each) 
One-Month Pack: 30 shots (40 ml each)
Three-Month Subscription: 90 shots (40 ml each): 30 shots delivered every month

*Health benefits are subjective and the result may vary from person to person.



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