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100% Pure A2 Cow Milk Ghee: Original - 500 ml

  • Made with Bilona Padati
  • Packed with Vitamins A, E, & K2, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Has anti-viral properties and contributes to a healthy digestive system
  • Used to treat joint aches, especially during winters

Akiva’s hand-churned ghee is a labour of love. Instead of the buffalo milk or malai used by other brands, we make our ghee from A2 cow milk of grass-fed Sahiwal cows at partner dairy firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it 100% Natural?

Our ghee is made using the age-old process of Bilona Padati. The premium A2 milk from the Sahiwal cows is first turned into curd. Once the curd is hand-churned in the bilona, our artisans slowly heat the curd to evaporate the remaining water and keep the fat. The fat undergoes another round of straining to ensure all milk solids are removed and only ghee (clarified butter) remains. This ensures that our ghee is aromatic and nutritious.

Is this a better substitute for cooking oils and butter?

Akiva’s Ghee has an impressive nutrient profile making it a superior substitute for cooking oils and butter. Since it has no water content, our ghee can be kept outside the refrigerator and will still remain fresh for long.

How can I consume this ghee?

You can eat it with yummy parathas, spread it on a toast/garlic bread, use it as a salad dressing, use it for frying vegetables, or cook oats and more!