Shalabh Gupta, Founder & CEO

There was a time when the daily dose of healthy nutrients was only available in concentrated bottled juices, capsules, tablets or powders. It meant a very medicinal affair leaving a bad aftertaste, questionable benefits and overall bad experience. In most cases, the product would only be used for a few days and ultimately forgotten resulting in a wastage of money and resources. Making natural and herbal remedies at home has always been messy and time consuming. Akiva addressed these challenges 3 years back with the launch of Akiva Shots. Akiva’s innovative 40 ml health shots make healthy choices clean, exceptionally tasty and convenient.

We create products people love to use, so they can live healthier lives. It's that simple.

Today, Akiva Shots are health companions for hundreds of thousands of people. The shots are available in packs of 30 for a monthly course. Every shot is formulated with premium herbal ingredients sourced responsibly and should be a part of everybody’s diet. However, you can choose from our range of shots for a specific health target you have set for yourself. We are not offering any sort of magic potion or quick fix for any health challenges you may have. As all natural products go, you will see benefits on continued usage coupled with an overall healthy lifestyle. True to our name, Akiva, which means, "protect, shelter" in Hebrew, we deliver quality products for our consumers, who want to live a healthier and happier life. 

Make Akiva a part of your journey to good health!