Sweet Potato Chips - Tandoori Peri Peri and Cheese (Pack of 3 - 60g each)

Akiva Superfoods’ Sweet Potato Peri Peri Chips bring together the best of all worlds to give you the perfect wholesome snack. Farm-fresh sweet potatoes, that are laden with vitamins and antioxidants, are thinly sliced and added to a peri-peri and tandoori spice blend and finished off with cheese. 

Fresh, Healthy Ingredients: We introduced nutrient-laden sweet potatoes to the tandoori masala, peri-peri spice blend and cheese for an explosion of wholesome flavor.

50% Less Oil: The chips are crisped to a golden perfection used a special vacuum frying technique that uses 50% less oil and heat to retain the nutrients without compromising on the deliciousness.

For All Diets: Vegan, Gluten-free, MSG Free, No added sugar, Low-fat. We got you! Our veggie chips don’t discriminate.

Everyone’s Favourite: With a crunch so loud, everyone around you is gonna want some (and then some more!)

Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Edible Vegetable Oil, Seasoning (Edible Iodised Salt, Spices and Condiments, Dehydrated (Garlic, Onion, Tomato), Soy Sauce Powder, Mixed Spices and Herbs Chilli Seasoning (Cumin, Coriander, Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Clove, Pasleu, Kasoori Methi), Milk Solids, Maltodextrin, Starch, Dried Glucose Syrup, Acidifying Agent (INS 330), Anti Caking Agent (INS 551), Flavour Enhancer (E627, E631), Stabilizer (E452 (1)))

Quantity: Pack of 3 (40g each)

We make our Sweet Potato Chips irresistible in the way they are made.

Fresh sweet potatoes are sourced directly from the farmers. We then crisp them using a special technique - Vacuum frying. This method uses 50% less oil, lower heat, and pressure to deliver more flavor and crunch to the chips. Vacuum frying is a much healthier method than traditional deep frying as the texture, color and most of the nutrients are retained and oil uptake is much lower. The excess oil is removed from the chips using a centrifugation process before they are sealed. 

Sweet potato is home to many essential nutrients required for the proper functioning of the body. In fact, sweet potatoes are not even part of the potato family and have entirely different nutritional makeup.


Beta-Carotene: Sweet potatoes have one of the highest amounts of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps decrease the risk of cancer and other heart diseases. Beta carotene also plays an important role in lowering the rate of cognitive decline as we age.

Vitamin B6: Part of the B-complex group of Vitamins, Vitamin B6 promotes improved immune function, aids with hemoglobin production, and regulates moods. Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin B6.

Vitamin C: Citric fruits are not the only sources of Vitamin C. Sweet potato also contains significant amounts of Vitamin C. This nutrient improves skin health and also decreases your risk of catching a common cold.

Vitamin E: This vitamin, found in sweet potatoes and popularly known for its effect on skin and hair, is equally important for protecting our cells from free radical damage and slowing down the aging process.

Iron: Iron helps in the formation of hemoglobin and thus, boosts immunity. It also helps eliminate fatigue.

Potassium: The potassium content in sweet potato plays an essential role in controlling blood pressure and contributes to a lowered risk of heart diseases.

Fiber: Higher fiber content in sweet potatoes can help regulate bowel movement and also keep you full for longer.

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