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Jaggery Candies: Original Taste


Coarse and dark brown in texture, slightly less sweet than maple syrup and far tastier and healthier than brown or refined sugar, Jaggery (or gud) is a form of unrefined whole sugar that’s worth getting to know!
Jaggery is known to be 50 times more mineral rich than refined sugar. It helps greatly to improve digestion, nourish the skin, purify blood and is great for treating respiratory issues.
How to consume:
Anytime, anywhere,as many as you like. Though it benefits the most if consumed after meals.
Also a great substitute to refined sugar in your daily cup of tea.

What we use:
Organic Jaggery - 100% - sourced fresh from traditional farmers of Nundarbans (Maharashtra).

What we don’t:
Added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, parabens, sulphates

2 Packs of 30 candies each (i.e. 150 grams each)

*Health benefits are subjective and the result may vary from person to person.

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