Weight Management and Detox Pack Plus - 90 shots | 30 days | Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar + Activated Charcoal Aloe Vera + Lemon Cinnamon Garcinia


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The Weight Management and Detox Plus pack contains 30 shots of Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar that help boost metabolism, contain antioxidants and good bacteria; 30 shots of Activated Charcoal that help cleanse the gut, reduce bloating and support better digestion and 30 shots of Lemon Cinnamon Garcinia that help manage hunger pangs and regulate fat levels in the blood. Our ready-to-drink shots are easy to have, taste great, contain no added flavors and no harmful preservatives. Make Akiva health shots a part of your active lifestyle and balanced diet for a healthier and happier you.


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Over 2.5 million Akiva Love shots have been sold

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