October 28, 2020 3 min read

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that in this never ending pandemic season, we all have welcomed a new best friend into our lives – the Masks!

These beauties come in all shapes, sizes and colors and they have become our savior and our go-to accessory before heading out of our homes. It isn’t just a protection tool anymore, it has become a fashion statement. Your mom might let you leave the house without a phone, but forgetting your mask at home, Aa-aaa, don’t even think about it.

Free Vector | Maskne concept

With masks being our constants in the new age, a new battle for our skin has inadvertently made its way, the 2020 version of acne aka Masknes. We bet your skin has just gotten back on track post quarantine, and it’s a sure thing you wouldn’t want these Masknes to tinker with your skin goals.
Direct friction between your skin and mask leads to inflammation in the skin and all of that moisture, heat, oil, germs, and dirt trapped underneath your mask clogs your pores. These are two perfect combos of factors that lead to instant breakouts causing Masknes.

Follow these simple hacks and keep them, these unwanted friends, at bay.

Go for a natural fabric: 

Face masks: Everything you need to treat face covering acne | The  Independent

Natural fabrics are gentle on your skin and absorb moisture too, allowing your skin to breathe under the mask. So go easy on your skin with a cotton or silk mask. Although nothing beats the N95 to actually keep the virus away.

Make Masks a part of your daily laundry:

Coronavirus: How to Make a Fabric DIY Face Mask At Home | Glamour UK

Masks will hoard a lot of dirt and germs onto them after a whole day of use. You’ll be giving an invitation to these masknes by putting that dirty mask on your face again. Make it a point to wash your mask with hot water and a mild detergent after every use.

Remember to Cleanse and Moisturize:

Maskne' is the new acne issue: how does one tackle it?

We all can unanimously agree that after spending a long day outside, taking those masks off your face feels like therapy, but remember to cleanse your face immediately after that. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face, and to top it off, apply a light-weight moisturizer. This simple skincare routine will definitely make your skin happier.

H2O to the rescue

日常-多喝水(Daily Life - Drink More Water) by 木木夕for Nice100Team on DribbbleMoisture loss will cause irritation and sebum buildup on the skin, adding a hydrating serum in your skincare routine will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy and clear. Also, be sure to drink an ample amount of water to flush all those toxins out.

Break up with your makeup

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With these masks on, no one is going to see the lower part of your face so do yourself a favor and break up with your makeup, at least on the lower part of your face. The skin underneath the masks is already packed with heat and moisture so applying heavy makeup is going to clog up your pores and trigger maskne. So before heading out, stick to a light-weight moisturizer and a nice lip-balm and you’re good to go. 

You can always glam up those beautiful eyes though.

Slurp a bottle of our Detox shots daily:

Believe it or not, what goes into the stomach is more important than what you apply externally. One shot of Akiva’s skin and detox drinks daily is enough to flush all the toxins out of your body and keep your skin and body healthy.

An Akiva shot along with these simple hacks is all you’ll need to keep your skin cleansed inside out. Time to bid goodbye to these masknes for good.