August 25, 2020 3 min read

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when someone mentions supplements - is it a steroid-filled gym buff looking absolutely ridiculous with their arms and veins popping out? Or is it a weak, frail, old, bed-ridden woman who just has enough energy to wake up, have breakfast and go back to bed?

Whatever the image be, the fact remains that for the last few decades, the word “supplements” is seen in a negative light. Years of bringing down those who take in them ‘roids and achieve their version of physical perfection has put off scores of people who think that supplements don’t do anything but harm.

Even if supplements were taken for good, they came with a bad after taste or even some after-effects which eventually worked against their favour. These healthy nutrients were an extremely medicinal affair and weren’t normalized for people with no health ailments. The products would also be used sporadically and then forgotten away in the innards of some shelf for months after.

Well, we’re here to change that. 

Why supplements SHOULD be seen as good 

Supplements are generally manufactured products that are taken along with a diet to increase a level of nutrient in the system. This can be in the form of liquids, tablets, capsules or even pills.Liquid supplements tend to get absorbed faster because the body doesn’t need to break them down like in the case of pills, capsules, etc. They can provide the necessary nutrition that a body demands and are extracted from synthetic or food sources, either standalone or as a combination to increase the consumption quantity. This, in no way, goes to say that supplements are a substitute for healthy food. While we take pride in the health benefits of our product, there is literally nothing that should be considered as an alternative for a healthy and nutritious meal. 

A lot of ill-fated companies and irresponsible agents have managed to drag the word “supplement”, almost making it sound like a misnomer when that is totally not the case. Supplements were originally created with a good intention in mind - to help individuals reach their necessary intake owing to a deficiency in their system. 

It’s time we reclaimed that word because it’s doing nothing but harm to the others who genuinely wish to stick to the original goal. 

While we take pride in the health benefits of our products, they are not a substitute for healthy food. Food still contains a crucial mix of all the macro elements that our bodies need to sustain itself. 

How we’re on the path to change for good 

We, at Akiva, are all about facilitating good change. We want our customers to truly enjoy the benefits of the supplements we create. Our goal is to give accessible, easy-to-drink and tasty supplements that you can have on an everyday basis. Our shots come in a slick 40 ml bottle that you can swig like a shot and carry on with the rest of your day.

From an academic perspective, we have all the necessary certifications proving our validity but we’d like for you to try them on your own. These shots have been specially formulated with the best ingredients, giving you added benefits for various bodily functions.

Better metabolism, gut health, healthier skin and hair to plain ol’ detoxing after a weekend binge, our shots are just the remedy you need. The herbal ingredients are sourced with absolute responsibility and are bound to change the way you view supplements, once and for all!

So, go ahead and give us a “shot.” You’re bound to find a visible change in your entire body ecosystem, allowing yourself to live that healthy life, with supplements that actually boost your energy levels.