October 24, 2020 3 min read

Bored with burning Ravana in your backyard every year?

Well, it’s time for a change. The year is 2020, and thanks to the pandemic, we’ve been reinventing and restyling our lives constantly. Anything cliché is out of trend. So let’s keep up with the changing times and give our Dussehra the upgrade it demands.

This Dussehra, while burning the ten-headed demon outside, let’s burn the new generation demons within us too.

Uninvited spells of anxiety

As humans, it gives us a sense of comfort to have things in our control, but with lockdown doing its rounds and all the uncertainty in the air, these bin bulaye mehman are bound to make a few surprise visits.

Whenever they show up, you can always trick them with the 4-7-8 rule.

Close your eyes and inhale deeply to a mental count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 7. And exhale to a count of 8. Repeat it a couple of times.

In no time, you’ll be showing these guests their way out. Also, this is a time to focus on health, look for some natural ways to boost immunity.



Has your kitchen become your favorite spot this quarantine?

Snacking is more of a hobby now, be it Netflix and chill or even an online class, food has become our beloved companion but as much as we love it,  don’t let this love overflow and make you compromise on your fitness goals.

A shot of Akiva’s Wheatgrass Lemon Coriander – Blood Purification Shot is sure to keep your food cravings at bay, and not just that, these shots are a perfect detox drink for your body too.

Lockdown Fatigue

Are you feeling low on motivation lately? If you don’t feel like taking work calls or whipping up those dalgona coffees, or doing anything for that matter, you’re possibly suffering from lockdown fatigue. Yes, bud, it is a real thing. Just as a car, if not moved around runs out of its battery, even humans face fatigue if they don’t move around. It’s more of mental fatigue than a physical one.

Combat this demon by keeping yourself active throughout the day, a couple of home workouts is sure to keep your brain pumped up and energized. Be wary of what you put into your stomach and most importantly, stay hydrated.

Happy Dussehra folks! Stay healthy and safe this pandemic and don’t forget to make us a part of your Dussehra celebrations. We’re here to make this festival extra special for you and your loved ones with our “October special” discount, so hurry, and get your own box of Akiva health shotstoday.

Stigma around depression

Depression is a serious issue in India, and we’re often hushed when we choose to speak about it. But with the uninvited virus at bay, addressing this has become more important than ever. This is truly a modern-day demon, and collectively, with the right amount of awareness and education, we can burn this one down. 

Lack of productivity caused stress

Social media has undeniably set a lot of productivity goals for us and bouts of stress are certain to pop up now and then. Everyone is going through their fair share of highs and lows, so don’t let social media trick you into feeling stuck or left behind. You only get to see the good side there. Everyone is having a slow year. Who says you only need to be productive. Use this time to re-energize yourselves with herbal health drinks and when things are little better, get back into the field with double the power.

Combat your stress with these tips

  • Mindful yoga and meditation is sure to lower your levels of stress
  • A hot shower with some light music can do the deed
  • There is nothing more satisfying than jamming to your favorite tunes
  • Treat yourself to a nice box of Akiva’s health shots.
  • Last but not the least, you can always reach out to your loved ones.

Relax, this is a pandemic and not a productivity contest.

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami is a symbol of the victory of good over evil. This Dussehra, let’s welcome new beginnings and embrace positive changes in our lives and let go of anything that does not serve us.