January 07, 2021 2 min read

Change is constant; 2020 was the living proof of that. However, just how much change can we afford to digest was a test we were unprepared for. Case in question being the shift to Work from Home (WFH), that, although a part of the drastic changes in our working and living patterns, certainly cost us a lot more. With longer working hours, postures that hardly aligned with any ergonomics, and routines vastly varying from unhealthy to downright toxic, it would be an understatement to say that working took up a lot of our ‘at home’ time.

Longer weeks and blink-and-miss weekends, such is the monotony of countless people worldwide. This new year, let’s change that. It’s time we settle into a healthier lifestyle, not just by doing face masks and bubble baths, but by unwinding from within.

It’s time we make our weekends what they actually should be: Reset buttons prepping us to give our best the next week with energy. Here’s how you can change Saturday and Sunday from a fiasco of elongated sleep therapy and mindless social media scrolling to truly peaceful days of relaxing, recovering, and rejuvenating with the best herbal health drinks online in India:


Woman Lying on Bathtub

Get your week’s fix of stress-relief with a hot water shower and a whole-body exfoliation. After all, it is only when your skin and muscles release those ounces of stress and work pressure that you can truly unwind, right? Also, combining with a natural detox pack online is an added bonus.


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Take a moment for yourself. Step back and replay the week in your mind. Express gratitude for the good things, come to terms with the bad ones with positive affirmations. You can also journal your thoughts to revisit your week and recover from the highs, the lows, and everything in between.


Woman Meditating In Bedroom

As tricky as the word sounds, rejuvenating is actually pretty simple. Exercise, sign up for live yoga sessions, meditate, and cleanse your body of impurities from within. Furthermore, sipping on the Akiva Ayurveda-backed weight loss juices on-the-go will multiply the benefits manifold. If you’re looking for an easy aid here, our anti-hangover shots can be your perfect weekend companion. Now, you can truly enjoy your late-night plans and midday brushes and then completely replenish yourself from within.

Sounds easy right? It’s even easier when you just take one step forward to implement this. Take our word for it! Weekday blues are harsh as always, but the onus is on you to give rhythm to the blues. Together, we can create some soulful music then, don’t you think?