November 25, 2020 2 min read

You might brag about your summertime workout regimes but winters aate hi acche acchon ki band baj jaati hai. Even the mere thought of leaving the comfort and toastiness of our bed seems impossible.

But hey! We’re a squad of fitness lovers here and winter shouldn’t stop us from reaching our goals of trying out natural ways to boost immunity. So how do we tackle the chills while working out?

Easy-peasy. Just follow our simple tips to fire up your fitness mojo this winter season.

Raise the Temperature

Do a couple of squats, lunges, and stretches before heading out for the workout sesh to raise your internal body temperature. You can even iron your clothes or place them on the heater to get toasty warm clothes that’ll give you a much-needed kick-start for your workouts. You might also try out herbal metabolism boosters for weight loss.

Team up with a Buddy

When you’ve got a workout buddy, the enthusiasm levels are insane. It makes the entire process a lot more fun and you’ll stay motivated till the end of the workout. There are high chances that you might keep postponing if you choose to do it solo but with a buddy by your side, it ain’t that easy to cancel plans.

Get some Newbies home

By now you must have figured out that workouts can be done at home too. We know you miss the gym ambience but that shouldn’t discourage you from doing home workouts. Order some new workout equipment and new clothes to sprinkle some fun into your home work out routines. The joy of using new goodies will surely give you the incentives to exercise.

Turn on some peppy music

Music is an instant mood-lifter. Make a peppy playlist to spice up your workout regimens. Exercising while jamming to songs is a lot of fun. How about following up two squats with a twerk.

Also, switching your alarm tune to a catchy song will help you wake up with higher energy levels over that annoying tune you’re used to hearing every morning.

Get your hands on some inspirational quotes and posters

If Fittuber or Chloe Ting is your fitness inspiration, print some posters and stick them around your wall. This will give you the ideal workout vibe and every time you lay your eyes on your role models, it’ll light a fire within you to hustle. You can also change your phone’s wallpapers to inspirational quotes.

Also, don’t forget to treat yourself with some Akiva Health Shots at the end of each workout. This will keep you healthy and energized inside out.

Happy hustling you guys!