October 14, 2020 3 min read

Colors, Traditions, Garba and Music that is sure to get you high on life in no time. You know what we’re talking about! The festive season of Navratri is just around the corner and we can already smell your excitement. Every other year it would be time to get those alluring ghagra cholis and dandiyasout of your closet and tune into the glitzy and glamorous vibe of Navratri. But this year, we are going to be dancing at our homes with our family and most of us may get on extensive zoom calls and play dress up. One more thing we could effectively do this year is the Navratrifast, which is also the Detox Time of the Year for most Indians. Fasting during Navratri is extremely beneficial for various reasons.

  • Our digestive system gets re-ignited and burns all the toxins in the body
  • A clean body gives rise to a calm and peaceful mind
  • As the digestive system is rekindled, it helps to de-stress and strengthen our immune system.

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Overall, our body gets cleansed and detoxified. An Ayurveda based detox diet is followed during these 9 days of fasting. Yes, we said Ayurveda but take our word for it, it’s super easy to follow. Now, you may want to know how we go about this Ayurvedic detox diet?First and foremost, it is recommended to have only Saatvik food items during Navratri. Foods that are natural, pure, and light on the stomach come under the category of saatvik food. It includes fresh fruits, seasonal veggies, sago, curd, rock salt, and subtle spices like pepper and coriander. Rock salt, more commonly known as seendha namak,helps to regulate blood pressure and absorb minerals more efficiently than common salt. Instead of wheat, opt for gluten-free alternatives such as buckwheat flour, millet flour, and chestnut flour. You might also consider trying out a gut cleansing drink.

Stay Hydrated

Clear Glass H2o Bottle

You’ll need a lot of fluids running in your body to flush out those toxins so you’ve got to drink a minimum of two liters of water per day. Additional fluid intake can be taken in the form of fruit juices, smoothies, and even green tea.

Include Ayurvedic Power Boosters in your diet

We’ve got you covered under this arena. Our two most popular detox shots,The Wheatgrass Lemon Coriander Blood Purification Shots,the Activated Charcoal Gut Cleanse Shots and the Lemon Cinnamon Garcinia Appetite Regulator Shots will prove to be a boon for you this Navratri. Want to know how they help?

  • To eliminate food cravings,
  • keep you rejuvenated and energized throughout the day,
  • keep your gut health in check, and flush out toxins from your body.

These nutrient-enriched shots are exactly what you’ll need to seal the deal.Oh! And did we mention that we’re having a sale of 30% off on the Activated Charcoal Gut Cleanse Shots. So hurry, kyunki yahan kaam bhi shubh hai aur muhurat bhi, so why wait?

Tune in to meditation and yoga

Back view photo of a woman sitting near body of water doing yoga

Navratri is an ideal time to sit back, relax, and connect with your deeper self. Fasting will decrease the restlessness of your mind, making it easier to tune into meditation and mindful yoga.The entire fasting process will not only detoxify you physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Let your sattva bloom

In Ayurveda, Sattva is the essence of serenity and positivity within you. A detox diet + meditation + mindful yoga = an enhanced sattva. An enhanced sattva will make the body lighter and energetic. As a result, you will become more positive and productive, include herbal health drinks in your diet to get that extra boost.

Navratri is indeed a blessing in disguise for all those who’ve been procrastinating on their fitness goals so don’t let this golden opportunity go to waste. Make the most out of this time and vibe. 

Wishing you an ecstatic Navratri!