February 09, 2021 2 min read

Disclaimer: All the content presented beyond this point is strictly for people engaged in a romantic courtship. In case of any singles going further beyond, please be aware of any fictitious representations relative to your singlehood. Any resemblance to any faint memory of an ex, nostalgia of love, or longing for a partner is purely coincidental.

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and amidst all the heart balloons, roses, and chocolates, the wait to spend the best of the times with your partner is heavy in the air. It wasn’t too difficult to sniff this out along with the rest of the love in the air, and that is why we came up with a better proposition to make good on this wait. Because, isn’t love about getting better and better with your partner by your side?

You can go for two ways to impress your partner and profess your love for them:

  1. You can give them flowers, chocolates, accessories, dresses, or any object of similar ilk. Good for a wardrobe addition, temporary consumption or a bit more permanent butterflies in the stomach. Enough shine to put gold to shame, but is it really gold? Methinks not.

  2. You can give them a gift that enhances their long term health and wellness such as wheatgrass fresh juice, letting them unfurl the best versions of themselves. You can truly convey your care, love, and affection for your partner by ensuring they glow internally. You can enrich them internally and externally. Now this would be striking actual gold, wouldn’t you agree?

These times have proven more than anything that health is indeed wealth. The best way to embellish your partner’s life is not through surface-level brushing, but to help them take a deep dive into their health, improve it, discover natural ways to boost immunity and enjoy the long-lasting results of the same.

Think about every chance for your better half to flaunt healthy, strong, and lustrous hair, or clear and glowing skin that makes everyone turn their heads. The key to unlock this is through wellness products, not wishful ones. We’ve got just the right packages for you to cover skin care and hair care for your S/O, while all the time enhancing their well-being.

Take our hand, get down on a knee, and say it with our Akiva Health Shots: Will you be my healthier valentine? I love you and I care for you, that is why, I want you to be at the best of your health and spirit, always!