July 03, 2020 3 min read

Yeah, the pandemic sucks. Yeah, it’s curbed your ability to workout at the gym and yes, staying at home is driving you mad! We get it. But that doesn’t mean we just give up, do we? The reason many of us aren’t able to cope with the stress of the coronavirus is because our minds aren’t letting us remain calm. 

If you’re planning on working out at home, you shouldn’t be overawed by the lack of weights. In fact, your home is a treasure chest of makeshift weights you can actually use. Couple this with a good diet, and you’ve just won over the pandemic. Oh, also don’t forget to have one of our special shots after your workout to truly enjoy the effects. We’ll tell you more about it later in this article. 

Remember, true winners don’t give excuses and we’d like to believe you’re one too. Here’s how you can say goodbye to all your excuses and get started on your workout at home.

Gallon of water/milk or laundry liquid 

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This is one of the most commonly used home weights and you too can experiment with them. Just head over to your nearest grocery store and purchase one of these cans. Once you finish them (don’t waste!), fill them with water or grains and you can use them as makeshift weights. Most of these milk and water jugs come with handles and this makes it easier to curl, swing and grip. They also work as great kettlebells and are perfect for carries and swings

Bag filled with books

All you need to do is fill up a bag with books and ensure the weight is enough for your body to lift. Then, carry them - either with the two back straps or by the head and do your squats and other weight exercises.

Bag of pet food or your pet itself

Magnus the Therapy Dog Works Out With His Owner | POPSUGAR Fitness

Pet food is another popular and great item to use for your workout requirements. The average bag of pet food also weighs around 40 pounds, so that’s a solid workout you can get in for the day. If nothing else, your pet can be a great workout buddy - get him to be a part of your workouts. Trust us, it will be super fun!


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One of the best forms of exercises is resistance training. It allows your muscles to be more flexible while also strengthening them from any strains or cramps. While you may not be able to use your resistance band for training, you could actually use a towel as a makeshift band.

Hold the two ends of a towel and place the other on the hinge of a closed door. Make sure the resistance of the towel is tough before you end up working out with it. 

Sack of potatoes/rice/flour 

Andia Winslow Kitchen Workout - Potato Sack Deadlifts - YouTube

Potatoes are ultimately a great workout tool and if you’re trying to stay away from the carbs, you could at least implement them in another way. Get yourself a sack of potatoes and tightly tie them. You could even replace the potatoes with flour or rice and get an equivalent weight distribution of the same.

Once you’re able to tie them up, you can end up using them as makeshift weights and implement them into your workout regimen.

These are five of the best ways you’ll be able to workout with makeshift weights at home. It’s also important you diet well and that’s why our range of shots are designed to help your system. Check out Akiva Superfoods’ delightful and healthy shots, and integrate them into your diet and regimen to see a gradual change in your physical and mental health!

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With these five makeshift weights, you can make the most of your workout regimen at home! To watch your diet, we’ve created a range of healthy, exciting shots you can have before or after your workout. To get started, check out our Lemon Honey Cinnamon shots which are formulated to energize, aid digestion, and improve your metabolism! Good luck!