January 15, 2021 2 min read

Beyond cosmetics commercials, illusory promises, and health guarantees, lies a vitamin fundamental to each of these three communication staples: Vitamin C. A seemingly ubiquitous vitamin, you’d be surprised to know that we could actually miss out on getting its benefits if we choose the wrong sources to ingest it from. We know you must be having some inkling of why Vitamin C is a dream ingredient in every beauty product. However, it is so much more useful than just that! Let us illustrate how.

As an ideal nutrition marker for overall health, Vitamin C produces a protein called collagen, helps build immunity, and protects against cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health problems, eye diseases, and skin wrinkling. Want to live longer to explore the many luxuries of our world? Start having more of Vitamin C in your diet. It protects against immune deficiencies, forms bones, blood vessels, and skin, and reduces risk of cancer. A good choice to maintain your health for a long life, right?

Our choices become especially important when experts have proved that the ideal dosage of Vitamin C is much higher than the recommended dietary allowance. The tricky part is, since the vitamin is water-soluble, your body needs a daily intake of food containing Vitamin C to maintain its adequate levels, you must also look for the best vitamin c deficiency drinks online.

How to navigate through the waters of not only consuming Vitamin C from verified sources but also ensuring that its maximum benefits are derived every day? All you have to do is read on because we’ve curated a short guide for you to help you through the same:

Citrus fruits

Citrus Fruits Slice

Orange, lemon, etc work wonders in providing our bodies with consistent quantities of Vitamin C to maintain health and enhance our skin. Including fresh fruit juice, or just having warm lemon water after waking up and before sleeping can do the trick easily. You could also take one of Akiva’s Amla Ginger Mint health shot daily for the right influx of Vitamin C and antioxidants.


Containing not only 30 times more Vitamin C than oranges but the highest vitamin content amongst all competing citrus fruits, Amla is the race winner you must have in your life. You can have it raw, pickled, or as a juice. However, we would suggest having it as a shot instead, since Akiva’s Amla Ginger Mint health shot packs the enriching features of many nutritious foods, with amla, to give you a health advantage every day.


Bowl of Spinach

Sauteed on the side or converted into a delicious breakfast smoothie with some bananas and plant milk, you can innovate as much as you want while still getting the appropriate Vitamin C from it.


Strawberry Close Up Photo

Half a cup. Or a full cup. With cream or chocolate on the side. Need we even say anything more to convince you?

You know your destination. You have your guide. Shall we set out on this voyage of rediscovering better health and natural ways to boost immunity together?