August 12, 2020 3 min read

One of the biggest assets India’s young generation has going for them is their affinity towards being healthy. India’s youth are super health-conscious and this love for everything fitness-related means we’re stepping in the right direction. 

For a nation notorious for loving rich food soaked in oil, sugary sweet desserts that do the heart no good and zero exercise, we’re slowly but surely beating the stereotype, one kickass person at a time.

With that being said, this year’s Independence Day is actually a great way for us to take a conscious effort to step up the health game.Azaadi, or freedom from all things bad, for us, is a great resolution to take and what better day to celebrate this movement than the day our young nation was born, 73 years ago.

Take the pledge - Azaadi from all things unhealthy 

We live in a democratic nation where our choices are determined purely by our actions and nothing else. #AsliAzaadi, or REAL freedom is not a choice, but a birthright and now’s the time we seize the opportunity to really become fit and fabulous.

Our minds and bodies are so intricately connected and exercising regularly paired with nutritional diet is just one part of the holistic approach to staying fit. You want an Instagram-ready body, you’ve got to work for it. Your dreams don’t work unless you do and if you want a great reason to start - Our #AsliAzaadi sale is exactly what you were waiting for. Not just to start but even if you’re well on your journey, our supershots will only give you a good and much required boost.

#AsliAzaadi - What does it mean to you?

If you’re a young ‘un looking to start your fitness journey in this beautiful nation of ours, you need to know exactly what it means to you. Is it freedom from toxins? Freedom from dull skin? From sugar, bloating, chemicals or infections? Or is it all of these at once?

If it’s any of the above, then we’ve got just the thing you need. First up, we’re super proud of you for taking the conscious decision to change the way you look and feel. It isn’t easy to keep your mind in control when you live in a world replete with distractions, but just like everything else in this free world, it takes a strong mind to accept that change is good for you.

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These supershots are concocted keeping you in mind. We know you want to be healthy and considering that you’re so busy taking on different challenges everyday, we are giving you the gift of true freedom #AsliAzaadi. No more making kadhas in the kitchen, buying a bunch of ingredients to get that small shot of immunity booster into your system. With our supershots, you will always be ready to just swig. In the house or on the go, our supershots will be with you anywhere, anytime. 

Get your hands on our shots and start your journey towards #AsliAzaadi. We’re here with you every step of the way, and long after too. From shots that take care of your metabolism, the quality of your hair and skin, your immunity and detoxing, it sure does take a strong mind to say YES to freedom from all things bad!