August 19, 2020 3 min read

You know the saying - “the early bird catches the worm”, but you’ve obviously not heard “the night owl gets his pick too.” Well, that’s because it didn’t exist until now. 

While that sticks true sometimes, it’s not always the same. Being a night owl has its own set of benefits and it just comes down to how you’re able to manage your time better. As long as you follow a good routine with exercise, you can live a fruitful and healthier life, despite the odds.

What makes you a night owl?

A night owl is someone who stays awake till like 1-2 AM and only then gets into their nighttime routine. But there’s more. If you don’t like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning and would rather start your day at 11 AM, then you, my friend are a certified night owl. You know you can get your work done when it matters but you’d rather get it done at night, because that’s when you feel most productive.

Here are some excellent ways you can stay healthy even if you’re a night owl.

8 hours of sleep is all you need 


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Irrespective of when you sleep, you need those 8 hours of quality sleep, so condition your body in that way. While most early birds tend to rise during the early hours, that’s the time a majority of you are beginning to hit the REM cycle.

Make sure you put away every other distraction so it’s only you, the bed and you trying to block the sunlight as much as possible. It’s super important that you get sleep right away because your body clock could go for a toss otherwise.

Invest in a good set of dark curtains that keeps away the sunlight and you can simulate a night condition at home to trick your body to sleep.

Exercise before sleeping 

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While this is easier said than done, it’s still a great way to ensure you’re always keeping fit. Squeezing in a workout at even 9 PM can do the trick. Try to squeeze in an hour of workout so you can take a nice, relaxing bath before you sleep.

Working out a few hours just before sleeping will automatically get your body tired, and hey, that’s all you need! Keep the exercises intense so you don’t get complacent.

The fight for the diet 

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Now, this is where a lot of people have issues being a night owl. It’s the diet that eventually adds up and causes all those health issues. But not if you really want to make it work. All it takes is for you to create a diet chart beforehand and make sure you get at least two meals, if not three during the day.

It’s always good to incorporate some of our shots as well, because they can keep your stomach and digestive system healthy while you work. You could also take the Metabolism Booster Shots to ensure you’re hitting those fitness goals from the time you wake up.

Prioritise socialising (with the distancing of course)

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You don’t want to be caught losing out on friends just because they have different schedules, right? There will be those common 3-4 hours during the evenings when you guys have mutually free times, so prioritise that. While corona has made it hard to socialize in person, you can always setup video calls to catch up with each other. 

All you have to do is set up plans with your buddies and follow through with them. While they’re prone to give you the excuses of being tired after a long day of work, you need to motivate them to get on a call and let off some much required steam. You could even come up with some fun games to play online.

Make sure you keep your weekends relatively free of work so you can actually enjoy the afternoons and nights the right way!

So that’s that! A night owl doesn’t have it as hard as the early bird if they REALLY want to make it happen. Be decisive, get some exercise in and consume our Health Shots. You’re sure to reap the same benefits that your early bird colleagues and buddies will too. Cheers!