November 02, 2020 2 min read

Who wouldn’t love to munch on some delectable calories, absolutely guilt-free?

Even the thought of awakening the carefree foodie inside us seems like a distant reality, only if we could not worry about adding some extra pounds to our weight.

Believe it or not, we’re all in search of a holy-grail to boost our metabolism in one way or another. The entire litany of drinking more water, staying more active, eating your meals every 2 hours is getting too much to cope with. If we’re here, we are still looking for answers.

Well, your search is finally over.

Akiva's Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Fennel shots are here to quench all your metabolism issues.

Let’s get to know why?

The Tea that owns the Red-carpet

green leaves in macro lens

From Jennifer Aniston to Johnny Depp, name any Hollywood star or even an A-list model, everyone’s a green-tea fanatic.

To be honest, this isn’t even surprising. A cup of green tea contains all the essential antioxidants and flavonoids that help you fight allergies, prevent depression, improve your memory and skin, and even keep your blood sugar levels in check.

However, these are just a few perks. The real bonus lies in its ‘catechins’. This magical component is a natural metabolic booster that not only helps calm your food-cravings but also keeps your weight in check.

Time to sprinkle some ACV into your life

Photo of Slice Green Apple and Cinnamon Stick

Acetic acid, the star compound of Apple cider vinegar works like a pro to hasten the fat-burning process in your body and boost your metabolic rate.

Not just this, if you’re someone who’s constantly had troubles with bloating or constipation, then ACV is the savior you never knew you needed.

Enriched with vitamin C and fiber, ACV helps cure all your constipation and bloating problems instantly and also, boosts your immunity.

Not thy regular Mouth Fresheners

Fennel Seeds Benefits : Roast For More Benefits -Tasha's Artisan Foods

Ever wondered why saunf is a mandatory snack after every Indian meal? Pretty much, most of us believed it to be the Indian version of a regular mouth freshener.

However, it’s time to get our facts checked.

If a food item can be an explosion of copper, potassium, calcium, zinc, vitamin c, iron, selenium, and magnesium, then it can definitely do much more than beating bad-breath.

Fennel kick-starts your metabolism by boosting mineral and vitamin absorption in the body, promoting weight-loss, and flushing out all the bodily toxins. Eliminating bad-breath is more like a side-gig for our little bomb.

Now, just imagine what these three could do together…Aaaaaand let that sink in!

Opportunities like these are rare, and it’d be foolish to let something like this stray away, especially when we’re having an exclusive upto 50% off.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own box ASAP.  You got ta try it to believe it.