April 25, 2021 2 min read

One of the most important steps in a weight loss regimen is the diet. It comprises more than half of the necessary requirements for a smooth and faster transition to your ideal weight. What you put into your system has a large effect on your overall look and feel, so it’s important that you take extreme care about it.

A popular product in the health community is Apple Cider Vinegar. This vinegar has seen a large upward trend in the west with India still catching up. 

Photo of Slice Green Apple and Cinnamon Stick

What Is ACV?

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is made with apples which are crushed or cut, combined with some yeast and then converted into sugar or alcohol. The bacteria is then added to ferment it into acetic acid. The final solution is a low-calorie, potassium-nutrient mix replete with antioxidants and amino acids that promote better health. 

The disinfecting properties that ACV has can kill all the harmful bacteria and toxins which live in the body. Studies have attributed ACV as a strong weight loss drink, making it the ideal morning stimulant for your body to begin its metabolism process.

The Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar is derived after fermenting and processing the apple pulp. There are plenty of health benefits that come with ACV:

  • It is known to reduce the belly fat and suppress any form of fat build up in the body. 
  • It is an excellent weight loss drink and is known to keep you feeling fuller for long. This way, you also consume less and feel healthier in the process.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar can also help in stabilizing the blood sugar levels, especially after consuming carbohydrates
  • It can ensure that your digestion occurs faster as the drink can promote health bacteria in the gut

With these points, and an increase in the whole “health and fitness” sector, Apple Cider Vinegar can be a real game changer for anyone who wants to cut out the extra pounds.

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How To Consume

Apple Cider Vinegar shouldn’t be consumed as it is because you’d be putting in acid directly in your body. Dilute it with a little water. Better yet, take it in a shot form, as the mixing has already been done for you.

Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Fennel Metabolism Booster Shots - Pack of 15

  • You could also use it as a salad dressing along with olive oil as it promotes weight loss
  • Spread the consumption into two or three doses and have ACV before any meal.

With these tips, you’re well set to enjoy Apple Cider Vinegar as a regular addition to your diet that will help you lose a lot of weight!