February 05, 2021 2 min read

When it comes to our metabolism, how many of us can honestly say it’s the best? On some days it works super smoothly, with no hiccups and there are days when you’re bloated and just not able to understand what’s happening.

While a good diet is needed to ensure the smoothest metabolism, it doesn’t always work that way. There are many factors that influence the quality of your metabolism but there are also ways to get it back on track. One of them is by treating yourself to some Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar shots.

Green Tea Apple Cider shots - What is it used for?

  • Living unhealthy lifestyles can have an adverse effect on the body. It’s important that you bring a change to how and what you eat, by having everything in moderation. These shots are perfect for giving you that feeling of fullness and managing all those cravings.

  • The shots are also perfect to digest the food you have every day. If we’re honest, not all of us have the healthiest diet and sometimes the food we eat can create a toxin build-up in the body. Regular cleansing is possible everyday with these shots.

  • These shots are also packed with antioxidants. They can easily remove the toxins so you feel lighter, while also ensuring your weight loss journey gets that much deserved boost. The herbal metabolism boosters for weight loss could work wonders for you.

These herbal health drinks are best suited for anyone above the age of 12, and are created by taking cues from ancient Ayurveda recipes.

Why should you use them?

Your metabolism is an indicator of how much you consume vis-a-vis how much you burn. The Green Tea in the shots contains some excellent bioactive substances. These include EGCG and caffeine while vinegar comes with healthy acetic acid, which supports the fat burning process and boosts metabolism.

They’re also super convenient and taste fantastic, so you don’t have to force yourself to have them. It makes them more effective also because they’re recommended by leading nutritionists and dietitians.

When and how should you take it?

  • These shots are super easy and can be taken in just 5 seconds. You can chill them in your fridge and have them in the morning. The best time is just before breakfast on an empty stomach or around 2 to 3 hours after breakfast/lunch.

Head over now and start your weight loss journey and improve your metabolism right away!