June 20, 2020 2 min read

Daddykins! Papa! Appa! Acha! We’ve got different names for him, but ultimately he’s THE man. The man who gets his names muddled up but cracks the deadliest dad jokes. The man whose snores could wake up an entire family of bears on hibernation and ultimately the man responsible for making you, you! We just can’t thank him enough, can we?


For anyone who’s been privileged enough to enjoy the love of a doting father, you’d know how much they act like they hate gifts. Deep down inside, he enjoys them but you know how they are - “Why did you spend so much?” “I’m not going to use it” etc. are just some of the common responses you can expect when you give him something nice. 

Yet, it’s that time of the year again! Father’s Day. And you’re trying hard to find something he’d love, and for once, not complain. But what do you gift someone who claims he has it all?

Something simple. Something useful and most importantly something that carries some meaning.

An Akiva Superfoods special

At Akiva Superfoods, we have a range of absolutely fantastic products you can give your father. We know how he’s protected you from everything possible - from monsters under the bed to your troublesome teenage years to taking a lot from work but never letting you know about it. 

And we know you’ve always wanted to give him something to show how much you value him.  And that’s why we’ve got a range of healthy shots he can have whenever he wants. 

This is also because they’re good for him. The ol’ man needs to get some of his supplements and these shots have proven results when it comes to dealing with the physical stresses a man his age would face. 

Sorry, we know that was pretty direct, but let’s be honest here, he needs to start taking care of his health, right?

The good, REALLY good stuff

And we know how stubborn dads can get when you try to keep them off the good stuff.Mithais, three spoons of sugar in hischai, butter chicken, good duty-free alcohol you got at a bargain that he brings out at any house party.

Now here’s a great way to drive a good bargain -Have the shots, enjoy the lot. 

Our shots have been carefully concocted to give better immunity, manage weight (after his Sunday biryani), improve the quality of skin and hair (you can give this one a miss for dad), detoxing (after those long Saturday nights belting 70s karaoke), wedding ready (you could strike a deal with him but it might involve you actually getting married) and so much more.

So, that’s that then! Head over to Akiva and use code DAD25 to get a FLAT 25% discount on all our #HealthShots and get your dad the perfect Father’s Day gift. This is one that’s super thoughtful and bound to get him interested. We’ve got a wide variety to choose from, so it’s time to give dad the gift he deserves.