January 15, 2021 3 min read

Picture this: It’s Friday night (we got you there, didn’t we?). You have a house party at your friend’s place. The whole gang is meeting up after months. There are overflowing plates of pizza, tacos, french fries, and rivers of alcohol and cold drinks. You all have donned party hats and funky sunglasses. Retro music graces the scene, with an old friend taking up a spare guitar to serenade everyone. Life is good.

Wham! A massive headache wakes you up from the dreamy night that yesterday had in store, as you deal with the morning-after spills. What you notice is, the pleasure of the previous party was as much as the pain of its aftermath. From here on, you’ve got two options: You either come to terms with pleasure and pain being two sides of the same coin and retire to the Himalayas, or, you choose the relief of pleasure without pain.

If you are still reading on, we’re assuming you fall under option 2. It’s you v/s a crazy party’s dreadful aftermath. The one who wins this gets a lifetime of peace, pleasure, and relief. Thankfully for you, winning over a crazy party’s aftermath has been made easier than ever. Here’s how:

Get your gut feeling back

You knew it in your gut that 2 buckets of wings would be too much to handle next morning. But still, dil maange more! So, in order to set your gut right for important decisions in the future, you can try a range of treatments, including a gut cleansing drink that can cleanse your inner system for a relieving restroom time. You can try having warm lemon water, raw olive oil, coffee, or even peppermint with lemon or ginger juice to reduce bloating and heaviness of the stomach. Add to this a shot of the Akiva Charcoal Gut Cleanse and your digestive system will have no memory of the trashcan it became the previous night!

Eye bags? More like eye beg to stop

Bags belong to the wardrobe or a cute outfit, not your eyes. However, we know that dancing till 4 am, sleeping at 6 am and waking up at 12 pm, always takes their toll on your eyes. Easy home remedies and DIY face packs can easily take the after-party off your face. Our suggestions would be a coffee-honey under-eye pack, lemon-honey-turmeric face pack, aloe vera gel, or even rose water. What you can also do is take an Aloe vera Skin Care Health Shot to align your inner health with your outer glow.

A before-after done well

We are no fortune tellers, but we can always predict with unfailing accuracy just how hungover people would be depending on their enthusiasm while describing their plans for the night. That is why, in anticipation of the hangover we both know you will have the next day, we devised the perfect preventive care which is much better than raw eggs. The Akiva Anti-Hangover Shots act as your shield against the drunken dread a great party brings with it. Take one before you head out, and rest assured of not having a blasting ache after you get out of your head.

With us by your side along with our herbal health drinks, there should not and will not be a positive correlation between the fun at a party and the aches in its aftermath. You’re taking our hand, right?