October 17, 2020 2 min read

Yeah, we said it! Ginger and amla can actually be your best friends if you let them into your life. You’ve been letting in a lot of okay friends, starting with Mr. Beer, and it’s time you got friends who actually got you, literally. 

Trust us, by the end of this blog, you’ll really have your mind blown!

Unlike your best friends, Amla & Ginger will not only always have your back but also look after your hair, skin, immune system, so much more. This time, you need to trust your guy (literally) and give amla and ginger a shot!

Akiva’s Ginger Amla Mint shots are the one thing you need in your life, and we’ll tell you why.

What makes them so good?

Just like people, it’s the quality of these absolute gems that truly makes them stand out from the rest. It’s important that they’re treated with the same amount of love because they do bring a lot to the table.

Here’s why Amla is good for you 

Amla Benefits for Diabetes: How is Amla Good for Health

  • That good vitamin C - Everybody needs it. Vitamin C is one of the best things your body can receive and you’ll be able to get it with amla. Add it with the tangy tinge of ginger and you’ve got that little extra kick of zing with it.

  • Your heart will go on - With amla, you intake healthy antioxidants that can transform your heart and respiratory system. Amla is filled with plenty of them which improves the overall functioning of the heart too.

  • Stomach this - Yep, your digestive system also loves it because amla helps to calm and soothe it. It can flush out all the toxins and support liver function.
  • That’s not all. Our shots also give you more by giving you your body's essential metals - phosphorus, iron, calcium and more. We told you, amla cares for you better than anyone else in the world.

    What about ginger?

    Gander, Inc.

    Ginger’s as good as amla and the perfect partner-in-crime. Here’s what makes it great for you 

  • No more morning sickness - Whether you have morning sickness or are just generally sick of the morning, ginger is the solution. It just boosts your system and gets you ready for the day.

  • Less pressure - We all have enough pressures from the outside world. Why would we want our body hurting us too? Ginger can reduce blood pressure in the body and subsequently make the heart hella healthy.

  • So head on over to our website and get your box of 30 Amla Ginger shots at FLAT 799Get on with your day now, your friends got your back.