January 22, 2021 2 min read

A week of periods. A week of premenstrual symptoms. 2 weeks in a month, all gone to endless breakdowns, cramps, body aches, ice-cream refills, and whatnot. 2 weeks worth of happiness, sleepovers, fun, frolic, and peace of mind gone. We’re not even counting the toll these days take on our mental health. In short, as women, are we even living a whole month? Or just half of it?

Life for women would be so much longer and happier if only they could somehow get back those 2 weeks spent on periods, pains, and everything in between. Over-the-counter painkillers are not healthy in the long term and suffering so much is not fair to women in the short term. Stuck between scylla and charybdis, who shall save us?

Simple home remedies will! Follow what you read next, and add 2 weeks to your gregorian months without the complications of spacetime continuum.

Take your vitamins:

Do we even need to reiterate this anymore? It always boils down to vitamins and minerals. A healthy intake of both, through a diverse range of sources like vitamin B1, vitamin E, fish oil, fenugreek, ginger, etc. can solve all the problems you face throughout your menstrual cycle. Have some herbal health drinks infused with nutrients.

Wellness in a drink:

Women’s wellness as an offering is not what you will see in mainstream markets till a fairly near future. However, its role in rectifying hormonal imbalances internally and building on that to fix the menstrual cycle’s extremities cannot be as undermined as the product category. That is why, the Akiva Women’s Wellness health shots were created to specifically cater to the unique health struggles of women. This wellness-in-a-drink can surely aid in the process of adding those 2 weeks of relief and peace to your month.

Sugar, no please:

Silver and Gold Padlock on Round White Ceramic Plate

We shall try to deliver the blow as mildly as possible, but honey, (which, in retrospect is also a good sweetener) sugar just won’t work with us during the weeks of menstrual disasters. 2 weeks of extra relief or one bar of chocolate, you choose your fighter!

Pass us some calcium:

Person Drinking Milk from Clear Glass Bottle

Among all the supplements tested for relieving PMS till now, only calcium continues to show consistent and reliable results. That is the kind of loyalty us ladies love, right? We’re all looking for consistency in our lives. Let’s start off with a consistent pain relief that makes our menstrual cycle a lot more pleasant. Almonds, dairy products, and green leafy vegetables are all laden on the table for you to benefit from.

If this wasn’t helpful enough, we could just pitch for a new gregorian calendar. But, that would still not solve the problem, right? With the solutions right here, why wait to test when you can win your two-week series every month? Home remedies are safe, effective, and are also great natural ways to boost immunity.