January 22, 2021 2 min read

One of the most important pieces of advice we’ve been told growing up - “always trust your gut.” Well, that’s because the gut feeling more often than not always turns out to be true. From the wealthiest entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and other successful individuals, the gut feeling is always something that gets the best out of you.

However, from a physical perspective, we don’t really think much of the gut. Like what is it’s actual use? Why does it need to be in good shape? How can you take care of it better? Should you take some gut cleansing drink? For starters, our specially formulated Activated Charcoal shots can get you some of the answers you’re looking for.

Activated Charcoal Shots - What is this shot for?

  • Our Activated Charcoal shots allow you to detox the right way, with the right ingredients. These detox pack shots come loaded with nutrients that are inspired by nature.

  • With aloe vera giving your gut a settled feeling and activated charcoal killing off illness-causing microorganisms, these shots will make a telling difference in the way you feel every morning.

  • Our shots are specially formulated to reduce bloating by allowing the fluids and gases in the intestine to pass through easily.

  • The shots reduce bloating via the tiny holes present in activated charcoal. They also remove toxins and any chemicals by trapping them in the gut so the body doesn’t absorb them.

These shots are best suited for anyone above the age of 12, as they’re created by ancient Ayurvedic recipes.

Why should you use them?

  • Apart from cleaning your intestines and clearing chemicals, the shots are also excellent in ensuring your liver remains highly functional. Along with the kidneys, it is the organ that eliminates the toxins and it does require all the help it can get.

  • Our Activated Charcoal assists this function by carefully filtering any of the undigested substances which are harmful.

When and how should you take it?

  • These shots take just 5 seconds to have. Chill them in your fridge, open the bottle and take the shot. It’s just that easy. You can have the shot just before sleeping after your dinner.

Why Akiva shots?

  • All of Akiva’s shots are so easy to consume, that up to 99% of customers end up finishing their packs.

  • These shots are great in taste and are convenient, helping you become more regular so you consume them more often.

  • These herbal health drinks are highly recommended by nutritionists and dieticians and are also trusted by plenty of leading health professionals across industries.

There’s also no mixing or dilution and they taste brilliant, so you have everything going for you!

Head over now and start your Detox with the Dark right away!