October 28, 2020 3 min read

The smell of tricks and treats is in the air coz this Saturday night ain’t gonna be no ordinary night. It is the night of Halloween. We bet you’re looking forward to munching on some delectable treats this monster season but hey, let’s not forget that we’re a bunch of fitness lovers here.

We know that the letter ‘H’ is the only common thing between Halloween and Health but what if we told you that we’ve got a spooktacular idea to spice up your monster munchkins by bringing in some healthy twists.

Don’t hold back on your trick-o-treats as we’ve got some eerie, spooky, and absolutely mouth-watering treats to get you all excited about healthy eating this Halloween.

Buckle up your seat belts, and hold your breath. We’re about to serve!

For starters

We’ve got some gorgeous Halloween Eyeballs. Such eye candies, aren’t they? All you’ll need are some lychees, blueberries, and strawberry jam to prep these yummy and healthy eyeballs.


For Salads

For those of you who are fussy about including salads in your diets, here’s a fun way to do it -

With an explosion of nutrient-packed blanched veggies and spicy mayo, these Skeleton Salads and Smiling Lantern Salads are sure to make you forget about those high-calorie sugary sweets.


Is it humanly possible to resist that million-dollar smile? We don’t think so.

Next up

We have your favorite protein bomb presented in the most enchanting way possible -

Here’s your favorite protein bomb presented in the most enchanting way possible - These mouth-watering Spidey Eggs are here to sprinkle some fun into your boring egg routine.


Well, it’s the MAIN COURSE TIME!

Ladies, don’t you dare tell us that we didn’t warn you. This charming guy right here is all set to take your hearts by storm. Try to resist as much as you can but you’ll absolutely lose.

Introducing -

The muscular, the very charming, the very handsome Mr. Frankenstein Toast.


We bet you can’t help falling in love with those hypnotizing eyes.

And by the way, did we forget to mention, he’s absolutely gluten-free.

Here’s all you’ll need to make your very own Mr. Frankenstein toast - some mashed avocado spread evenly over your toast, sliced radish and olives for those hypnotizing eyes, a wedge of tomato for that killer smile and a seaweed sheet for that silky smooth hair. Last but not the least, prick two toothpicks on either side of the toast and hang an olive on the edges for those tantalizing Dole-Shole, and Voila! your monster toast is ready.

Get your fruit game high 

Who said that jack-o-lanterns and the hollow faced ghosts only exist in movies? This Halloween, we’re serving these demons onto your table in the most delectable and healthy way possible.

Presenting to you the Orange-o-lanterns and the Hollow-faced Bananas.


Time to give into the sweet craving 

We’re all guilty of choosing a sugary delicacy over a casual fruit. Well, not anymore.

This Halloween, these Lick-a-licious Apple bites are sure to make you go gaga over fruits all over again. We bet neither you nor your kids will be able to resist these wide-eyed monster munches.


And for your post Halloween celebrations blues there'a always an Akiva health shot.