November 20, 2020 3 min read

Do you know how hard your immune system works for you? It’s a discreet guardian and defender that works unswervingly to protect your body from all kinds of external viruses, germs, and environmental agents.

It’s not until we’re sick that we know it’s there, working with an army of protectors to fend off all sorts of harmful germs. But, this guardian can also experience burnouts at times and demand a little bit of assistance from us. We can aid it by resorting to natural ways to boost immunity.

Watch out for these trifling signs and if you experience any, it’s probably your immune system’s way of telling you that it needs your help.

#1  You’re not feeling energetic

It’s common for people who work the extra mile to feel burnt out often. However, if your appetite is good and you’re sure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep and you still suffer from low energy levels, it’s time to inspect your immune system.

Your body expends more energy to fuel your weak immune system leading to low energy levels.

#2 You feel stressed all the time

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Have you ever wondered why many people tend to fall sick right before exams or post the completion of some hectic office deadlines? Well, high levels of stress due to certain life situations can have a severe impact on your lymphocytes. Persistent stress will lower lymphocyte production in the body which is essential for warding off harmful microbes thereby, leading to a frail immune system.

#3 Your stomach is mad at you

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If you’re suffering from constipation, bloating, belly aches, and indigestion frequently, this can be an indication that your immune system needs some servicing. This is because your gut flora plays a vital role in sustaining your immunity. Any imbalance in the gut flora can cause the good bacteria to be overpowered by the bad bacteria, sending your immune system in a topsy-turvy leading to all sorts of tummy ailments. Having a gut cleansing drink can be a big help.

#4 Your wounds heal at a snail’s pace

It’s your immune system that helps to heal your skin whenever there’s a wound, burn, or cut. The immune system sends WBCs to the wounded area to aid in its regeneration and prevent infection. If you’ve got a hard time healing from your wounds and they linger on longer than they should, then you probably have a flickering immune system.

#5 Seasonal allergies aren’t seasonal anymore

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Cold and cough is something that most of us suffer from but if you find yourself going through it constantly, consider it a nudger from your immune system. If your body is not producing enough white blood cells, it won’t be able to fight off the viruses it needs to prevent you from suffering from these sudden bouts of cold and cough.

Can you relate to all of the signs above? If yes, then my friend, it’s time to inspect your immune system and give it the extra attention it deserves. Making some teeny-tiny healthy changes to our lifestyle can go a long way in keeping your immunity robust.

Wondering how you can sort this out? Here are a few quick tips:

  • A healthy balanced diet.
  • The nights - where you sleep like a baby koala
  • An active and fit body
  • Stress-free life - easier to say but tougher to do. Try to at least reduce your stress levels.

These are a few simple hacks to get a fiery immune system.

And for that extra kick, you can always slurp in our immunity booster shots and walk towards a healthy life.